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The Best Pieces of Art Advice

We asked artists “What’s the best piece of art-related advice you’ve been given?” and received an incredible amount of valuable feedback that’s worth reading through. You may just find the inspiration or breakthrough tidbit you’ve been looking for.

There were many themes that repeated themselves, so first we pulled out a few of the main highlights.



  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: Draw something every day, even if it’s just a doodle. Keep all your artwork even if you don’t like it so you can see the improvement over time.
  • DON’T COMPARE: Looking at other artists for inspiration is great, but don’t compare your work to others and let it get you down. Everyone has their own unique, individual style. Everyone is also at a different stage in their artistic journey.
  • USE QUALITY MATERIALS: Practicing and developing art skills is important, but to take artwork to the next level, make sure you’re using quality materials and the right mediums on the right surfaces. It will make a difference in the outcome of your work. See our helpful Paper Media Guide that tells you which mediums work best on which papers.
  • EXPERIMENT: Try different styles, mediums, surfaces and subjects until you find what works best for you. Once you find your groove, you’ll enjoy the process of making art more which will be reflected in your work.
  • BE PERSISTENT & DON’T GIVE UP: This can be tied to the first piece of advice about practicing, but the more you keep at it, the better you’ll get. Not every piece you make will be a masterpiece, but keep trying and you’ll see improvement over time. Also don’t give up on a piece. You may think it’s not working, but often it’s just not finished yet. Don’t be discouraged by the early stages!
  • DRAW FOR YOU: Draw what makes you happy and what you’re interested in, not what you think others want to see. Sticking to subjects, themes and mediums that are appealing to you will result in a more enjoyable experience.
  • HAVE FUN: Art is fun! Enjoy the process!

Last but not least:

Don’t drink your paint water.

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